Thursday, February 16, 2012

Okay, so tomorrow's the surgery day!

Steven's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow for his left knee arthroscopy, time unsure as of this post. My husband will be getting the call from the surgery center today at some point, to let us know what time to be there. The sad thing is that we've been though this before with him for the opposite knee, last summer! He knows what to expect, and he's also seen us deal with having the same thing done. (Hubby-3 times, twice on one knee. Me--one on each knee, first one was March of '01 for torn meniscus.) His first physical therapy appointment is set up for this coming Monday morning. The husband and wife team that run the place we go to know us quite well, we've been going to them since the fall of '07 off and on! Sad but true!

My left knee started hurting again Monday, and I went to my internal med doctor. He ended up prescribing some ibuprofen and told me to rest it and use a heating pad, along with a compression sleeve (neoprene). It's eased up a bit, though it was a little sore at work last night. You know how nurses are, regardless of where they work, we are on our feet quite a bit. At least a two hour medication pass in the morning, along with walking back and forth between the two units in our building, and running back and forth for resident requests for meds. (residents---that's what we call our patients, whether they're in for long-term or for short-stay rehab!) I walk fast, it's how I've always walked unless my legs or knees or whatever is hurting! Besides taking care of Steven this weekend and helping Steve out, I'll rest the knee some.

I'm loading up my iPad with some tv shows and movies for the wait tomorrow.  I think that I'll have wifi capability at the surgery center, for twitter and posting and for whatever else I may need or want to do. The iPod's got an audio book on it that I need to finish for a review!

I'm glad that I have my readers and blogger friends to "talk" with here!

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