Saturday, February 11, 2012

Knee Surgery has been scheduled!

Steven's appointment pretty much went as we thought it would yesterday. He's got an arthroscopy scheduled for next Friday, and Steve will be taking him. We requested our favorite physical therapy place again, the husband and wife PT team there know us quite well. We've been going to them during the past 4.5 years off and on for pre and post-op therapies. (That just sounded half-sad and pathetic! It makes it sound like we're constantly having surgery or something!) After they left son's appointment so that Steve could take Steven to school, I stayed and went to my appointment. It was a routine rheumatologist visit, and I had a new issue. My pinky, ring , and middle fingers on both hands have intermittently swollen in the joints at times, making it difficult to bend them and to grasp or hold or even shake hands. It's usually one hand or the other. Since I had been diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel back in '09, my dr. decided to do a steroid injection in my left wrist right below my hand.  The slight discoloration right below where the hand ends is where I got injected! Ouch! I just have to wear my splints for awhile.

We had dinner with our friend Matt last night at a place over in Cocoa Beach called Florida Seafood Bar and Grill. It has decent FL seafood, and you have so many choices (I think that Chef Gordon Ramsay would want to change their menu!). As usual, Steven didn't have any seafood, but ended up getting chicken alfredo. Matt, Steve, and I had seafood, like we've done there in the past.  I didn't take any pictures, since we were out and about with others. We did have a great time and had to leave around 8pm, since Steve was working overtime in the morning.
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