Friday, January 6, 2012

Early Friday afternoon!

Ok, so my post hasn't gone up yet! The serious truth is that with Steven being home with a sinus infection and trying to get caught up with laundry before I go to bed in the morning/afternoon, and working late the past two days (one 12 hour shift and one 10 hour shift---that 10 being this morning, and one of my patients died this morning), my brain's turned to vegematic when I've got home.  Plus, I was in MOM, mode with him, trying to take care of him, though he turned 13 last month. My nursing  job that pays the bills, has worn me out the past week! I have at least two posts planned to post in the next few days, the one about Sea World, with several pics, from Christmas Day, and the other, unnamed yet.

The overtime's been great at work, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't trying to deliberately get it! Unforseen events that crop up during med pass at the end of the shift or before med pass delay things----especially on the last hall, I'm heading down it, calls to go to the bathroom, or could you help me change so and so---they're giving a CNA grief,  and just about everyone wants the pain meds that they didn't need during the night, and 6:45am is fast approaching-----time to be finished with med pass and start giving report to the next two nurses whose halls that I've had the night before! It's all part of being a RN---team leader, supervisor, and team player.

I've read some of you all's posts on your blogs lately, and am aiming to back on posting a few comments on yours over the weekend! Reading blogs when I get home from a crazy if not insane night at work, helps me to unwind and stay in touch with you all!

Well, I"ve got to get to bed and get a few hours sleep!!!  Love to you all!
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