Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Off, All By Myself!

Today's my day off before my work weekend! And, like lately, my husband's pulling some overtime on what would be our day off together! It's okay, it's paying the bills! I needed some serious relaxation time after I drove our son in to school this morning (he needed to retake a test on the capitals of Asian countries), so I decided to put on one of Glee's season 2's dvds. The music gets me in an awesome mood, and our birds love music for some reason or another. They make some noise to the music, but it's not the kind of noise that they make when they're annoyed or mad about something. Doc tries to make sounds like she's singing, and Woody makes some what I call "cute baby" noises! Shrek chirps in his little lovebaby voice, and Trouble will ring his bell. We're listening to the Warblers singing "Misery" at the moment, and Doc's saying "uh, uh"! Doc's not making any noise in this picture, she's just sitting on top of her cage.

I'm trying to get motivated to bake today for my guys. when we went to Orlando a couple of weeks or so ago, we stopped in Williams-Sonoma. I so love that store for the gourmet  cookware and foods that they sell! I had seen in a catalog that they were starting to sell Momofuku cookie mixes!
 I bought the Compost cookie mix. I have to add something like butter, eggs, potato chips and small pretzels, like Snyder's to the mix. The cookie mix includes graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chunks, butterscotch chips,  and coffee. I know that it sounds strange, but I think that they will taste oh so wonderful!
Here's a picture of the box! I tried to get the picture clear enough for you all to be able to read it!

 {Momofuku--- I heard about this restaurant in the past two years when I was watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer and the gang were talking about Crack Pie and Compost cookies, and that they were addictive! Ok, I did what most do when you don't know what something is, and I Googled them! Momofuku!  I printed out the recipes from online and proceeded to set them aside---forgetting to do anything about baking!}
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