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Little Silver: The Stolen Souvenir (CD Review) and Interview!

Little Silver is a band made up of the husband and wife duo of Steve Curtis and Erika Simonian. They recently debuted their recording of The Stolen Souvenir on their Record Park label.  Let me give you a little more about their history in music! Erika's been a one decade veteran of of NYC's songwriter circle, with a Lilith Fair appearance and praise from The NY Times under her belt.  Steve's one of the founding members of the acclaimed band Hem. With Hem, he sold over 85,000 records world-wide, and performed all over. This couple is definitely not new to the music scene!! Little Silver's band includes Ray Rizzo on drums (Dawn Landes, Doveman) and David Tarica on bass (Mia Riddle). Hem's trademark jewel box lullabies are a central feature of Little Silver;s sound. Little Silver also reaches out, venturing into the experimental and rock-and-roll-terrain.

The Stolen Souvenir was co-produced by Phil Palazzolo and mixed by Brandon Eggleston, They're currently preparing for touring on both coasts, and will be back in the studio during the fall of 2011 to put together a long-playing record. I reviewed Little Silver's EP.  I really enjoyed all of their songs, of which there is five on the current EP, which you can purchase through iTunes!  I was really surprised to hear "Irene, Goodnight", reminded me of the old song, "Good night, Irene". Their other songs are: "Sleep Till Morning", "Where We Met", "Food From The Cow", and last but not least, the title song, " The Stolen Souvenir". I was driving around between appointments one days when I was listening to it in my car, definitely enjoying the drive hearing their music! Should I pick a favorite song or tell you that I seriously recommend all of the songs!

Steve and Erika's title song from the EP The Stolen Souvenir had some collaboration with Nina and Peter 
in the making of a video for the song. I found it to be quite interesting, and will be sharing the link to it for you to see!! This song is about a kind of special secret thing, the stolen souvenir is a something just out of sight, just barely perceptible, but important in some way that you maybe don't totally understand! (Some things to look for the video: the camera pans past a 1920's photo of one of Steve's music teachers, in the hills outside Kathmandu, and the video ends with a fanatical postcard (with a beloved family recipe for grilled chicken!).

Now, onto my interview with Steve Curtis and Erika Simonian:

1)  Me:   Hi Steve, Erika.  Congrats on being new parents! Have you thought about writing and recording a song for your baby daughter?

Steve and Erika:    Thank you so much . I have thought a lot about this as she's a constant love generator- it seems my heart is some never-ending motor. However, it's a tricky thing, capturing that divinity without sounding cliche. We're always searching for that balance and trying new ideas out.
Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) has struck that balance in the most beautiful way that I've heard  lately, a song called "I've Never Loved Someone".

"I've Never Loved Someone"
And might I mention that I don't officially know if this is a song about her child, but it sure sound like it to me!

2) I enjoyed watching the video for "Stolen Souvenir"! Have you thought about writing another song for Peter and Nina to create video?

Steve and Erika: We'd loooove to work with them again. That was a serious amount of work for them, so we're trying to let sometime pass before we approach them again.

3) How long has Little Silver been together, and now did you come up with the name for your band?

Steve and Erika: Little Silver has been together for perhaps two years, though we only really decided to record and play shows last year. And Little Silver is the name of the town where I was raised in New Jersey. As long as I can remember, we celebrated the name of the town. My mom even got printed us up t-shirts when we were 7 and 8 years old that read "I LOVE LITTLE SILVER" in kind of stiff, felt lettering. So, when we were trying to decide on a band name, Steve kept saying, "What about Little Silver?" I sort of couldn't hear it fresh, having heard it so many times in my life, writing my address, etc. It's sort of like saying, "How's St. Louis? Or Tallahassee? Actually, comet think of it, those sound pretty cool. Up for grabs, people!

4)  Were either of you musically trained?

Steve? You can answer this one. The short answer for me, Erika, is "no". Steve: "nothing that translates dirtily to writing the sort of music we are interested in with LIttle Silver; that's more just a function of lots of time spent listening and playing. But when I was a music major in the broadest liberal-arts-sense (totally loved it), and took all manner of music lessons growing up since a young age (piano, bass, orchestra, then finally guitar, mostly totally loving all of it :))."

5) Any thoughts of doing a tour around the USA next year in the South and Mid-West?

Steve and Erika: Heck Yes! We're working on it, and with Hazel in tow.

And one more thing, thanks for the opportunity to interview you, Erika and Steve!

Steve and Erika: Oh, thank YOU, We appreciate it!

Now for some links where you can find out more about their band and their music!!

Little Silver's website

Facebook page


My Space

LIttle Silver "Stolen Souvenir" Video


Disclosure: I was given a copy of the cd in order to facilitate my review from Sneak Attack Media. The opinions expressed by me are my own! Honesty is everything!
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