Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Week

What I didn't mention between Monday's Music Moves me and other posts last week, was that I was on FMLA for about a week, and I returned back to work last night. Friday a week and a half ago, I went to my Internal Med doctor, for some pain complaints that I had that I didn't think were Fibro pains. I had discussed the issues with my neurologist's RN, and she had talked to my neurologist, and since she was going out of town, she felt that my primary needed to do the work-up. I had shooting pains in my elbow/forearm area, and couldn't life my left arm and wash my hair without a great deal of pain on Thursday night. He ordered an X-ray of the left elbow, which came back negative. My left leg, from the knee down was trying to go what I'm calling "rag doll limp" while I was at work Thursday night, when I was walking around the building and when I was standing at my med cart passing meds to my residents.  It kind of concerned me, since it happened at least 3 or 4 times that night. He gave me lifting restrictions of no more than 5 pounds, and I had to wear a sling. I ended up on FMLA leave for the week, and just returned back to work last night. I also had a MRI of my Lumbar Spine, and it showed a slightly bulging disc if I can remember correctly from L4-5. Nothing to really worry about right now, though it may be uncomfortable at times.  Due to the sling during that time, I ended up watching a lot of tv, and posting on GetGlue! I may have been on the computer here and there during that time, but not a whole lot. I spent time on my iPhone and the iPad. 
Doing better now, due to the heating pad and the Diclofenac and the sling, and resting!

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