Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday shopping!

We pretty much got ours out of the way for the little family of three that we are in the past month and have been using some of the items already. I'm torn between mall or specialty store shopping, and shopping online. There are many places that I love to visit and look at when we go to Orlando and look at FL Mall and Mall at Millienia. Places like Crate and Barrel (we absolutely love to look at their kitchen and pots and pans and other accessories), The Sony Store, (for techy stuff, usually way above our means! ), The Apple Store (I'm such an Apple Fangirl ---Can I say that at 49? Definitely can!) , and those are to name a few at Mall of Millienia!

 FL Mall--- well, I could stay there for hours, and get in awe of all of the lovely and enjoyable products there. We usually come in at the M& M's entrance to the mall, and the head past Harry and David's. Absolutely love buying their soup mixes! Son and hubby love their truffles!!  Then, we usually check out Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, the Apple Store, and I go to Sephora and Lush. If we know that a particular friend of our is working, we stop by Teavana to say hi and to make a purchase. Then, it's off to look at the clothing stores for teen males.

There's a Best Buy in each of those mall areas, and we'll drive over to them to check out stuff that we're into: Steve- computers/ Mac products, Steven-usually found playing on and looking at mostly X-Box games and sometimes Wii, and last but not least me, Barb---I'm usually into iPhone supplies, iPad supplies, dvds and blu-rays, iPods, and music---and sometimes new audio/visual stuff.

I think that I'll be saving more next year from surveys and swag bucks and blogposts, to pay for Christmas out on non-household money or credit cards. I love the fact that you have use paypal on,, and Etsy!!! Seriously wish that would, too!

I'm big on using gift cards, especially for places that we go or places that we eat at! So much easier than throwing the item on a credit card or carrying a bunch of cash around.  I would love to know your thought and ideas on saving money during the holidays. Do you use credit card, paypal, cash, or check or debit or gift cards? Let me know in a comment.

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