Friday, October 14, 2011


Have you ever got into a book and the detailing was incredible? The Realms Thereunder is one of this books. Ross Lawhead has a way with words, describing his characters and the places they go in such detail, that you can feel that you are a part of the book! The two main characters, Freya Reynolds and  Daniel Tully, are an unusual match. Freya's a university student with OCD and she loves myth and folklore. Daniel's living on the streets and waging a war with enemy, one of which he can only identify!
Daniel and Freya were involved in a situation in another world when they were younger, disappearing from a field trip and ending in another area back at home many days later. Neither one really wanted to talk about it when they ran into each other in present day. Together, they would be able to unite and deal with a new present day adventure from the mythical world, in the British Islands. 

I liked the book and the characters, though sometimes I got too caught up in trying to pronounce the characters from The Mystical World, Ecgbryt and Swidgar, to name a couple! The Realms Thereunder definitely kept my interest, though with my crazy work schedule and homelife, it took me a couple of months to read! It's definitely great read, and I would definitely suggest this book for young adults and adults to read, if they are into mythical worlds reaching into reality!!!! I really can't think of any similar books to come it to. It's 377 pages long, and in an average size print paperback. Book Two in this Ancient Trilogy comes in September 2012. Enclosed is a link for the book on Amazon:  The Realm Thereunder

I was given this book through BookSneeze in order to facilitate a review! The opinions expressed were my own!!

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