Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Monday, oh what a day!

I just had to share the Michael Franti & Spearhead song "The Sound Of Sunshine" with you all again! It came to my mind after my son left for school, and I was trying to get motivated (especially after working last night!). Sometimes I just need to hear a song on a day off,  after a long and crazy night at work! It calms our birds and gets me feeling good! I'm thinking about watching some Glee shows later on, while I have the house to myself! Maybe even paint my fingernails! And of course do some cleaning or laundry! What mom doesn't do laundry? I don't see any hands raised out there! :O)

I try to catch some tv some night before I go to work after hubby and son have gone to bed, but that wasn't the case last night! Son snuck into the family room, and decided that he would forego a bit of sleep and choose to catch a bit of PanAm. We watch some ABC shows, and have seen the commercials for PanAm. I didn't think that it would be a show that son would want to watch. Boy, was I wrong! He watched a bit of it with me before I left (whew, the captains were so cute!!), and I recorded it on the dvr. After I got home this morning while he was getting ready for school, we watched some of it, and will probably finish it tomorrow morning. The show's definitely interesting, and definitely retro! Is that the theme this fall? Retro, for both PanAm and The Playboy Club? We haven't seen the later show.

Steve's right knee (hubby this time!!!) has a torn meniscus, so we are looking at scheduling a same day surgery for him in the next two months. Not fun, he's been in pain and can't do any karate right now.   We are looking to schedule it around my days off, or to take a day off around my every other Friday off.   Hopefully we can plan it soon, I'm trying to sort out my calendar today, for that reason.

Watching a bit of "Alphas" this morning,  Gary's my favorite character, he's so cool! I don't think that I follow their show on twitter yet. I'm still bummed about having to wait till 2012 to watch the final shows of Eureka. I have a feeling that I'll have to wait till the summer for it! Man! Sanctuary's coming back on next month, for you SyFy fans out there!! Haven's getting interesting, and the past two episodes have been quite interesting with the Wendigos and with the "Crocker" thing!  Even Dr. Who was good this past weekend, I almost wanted to cry for him!!!

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