Thursday, August 18, 2011


Steve and I have enjoyed casual bird-watching ever since we lived in an apartment years ago. At that time, we lived in an apartment in the back of the apartment complex, and there were a few large trees near us. We used to throw birdseed on the ground on the area where there wasn't any grass, and surprisingly, we had several birds come to visit. Red-winged blackbirds, blue jays, cardinals, the list went on. One year, I wanted a set of binoculars so bad, I kept looking at them at Colonial Photo and Hobby. Well, I got them for my birthday that year!

Fast forward several years... our backyard backs up to a conservation area in our neighborhood.  We put out bird feeders and filled them with birdseed and thistle seed and put out suet cakes.  This summer has been really hard on the birds, with food and water, so we put out seed and clean water in our bird feeders and birdbath. In the past few weeks, our feeders were pulled down by something, so my husband decided to put up a post and attach the feeders to it. Guess who's been coming to dinner and whatever meal? Well, besides the birds, we've got squirrels (which I don't mind!) and now raccoons! Argh!If I call the Animal Control people, then they will say, stop feeding them! I'm not feeding the raccoons, I'm feeding the birds!

These were taken with my iPhone 4 earlier this week. They are the size of huge cats, maybe about 25 pounds.

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