Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What, no posts in a week? Oops, my bad!

Hey! I was busy with the career that pays my family's bills this week! Plus, hubby and son's schedules for karate and son's P.T. (which he completed today, yahoo!!!) were keeping us busy afternoon and work.
After my weekends to work, I pretty much have Monday and Tuesday nights off (unless the schedule changes). Those two days, if there aren't any appointments or errands for me to run and do, I have time to do projects or activities (like blogging and tweeting and Facebook.) Plus, doing cleaning and laundry.
I need to run down to see my Dad and to pick a prescription (Progesterone cream--I know, TMI, but oh well! You can rub the cream from the syringe on the upper inner arm or on an inner thigh. Works awesome with hot flashes and night sweats!). I'm thinking about going out to lunch with him.

A couple of things today: 1) had to see the podiatrist today, I was having issues with right foot tendon pain, and had a corticosteriod injection. OUCH! Laid down for a late nap this afternoon, I desperately needed it.
2) major homework issues with the boy, and trying to get him to stop coming up to see me after he should have been asleep. I still don't think that his body's off of the summer bedtime schedule! Not good. Since he's old enough to have something for sleep, I gave him a Motrin PM----it will take the edge off of any knee pain for him and help him to rest. Moody issues with him almost everyday! Can't wait for the day that he gets through the hormonal changes in a few years! I am so sure that my husband's thinking the same about me, and I've been in perimenopause changes for at least 3+ years now! I guess that I've got a ways to go! Between the boy and me, we must be a hormonal mess!

Again, don't forget to check out Mrs. Jones' Soapbox, her link and the information are in a post from the past two weeks!!! She has some really awesome scented and great cleaning products, for your home and your laundry!

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