Friday, August 12, 2011

Otterbox Case for my iPhone 4 (Non-sponsored post, just my opinion!)

I was in correspondence a moment ago with Nicole from Mom Always Finds Out about smartphone cases, and I decided to take a picture of mine. After I got an Otterbox case for my 3GS in '09 I fell in love with Otterbox cases! I cannot tell you how many times that poor iPhone of mine got seriously accidentally dropped! To this day it is working and functioning quite well, due to that Otterbox case protecting it. My son has that iPhone 3GS now, see July posts for why! I got an Otterbox Defender series for my iPhone 4 last month, and I'm happy with it. I have dropped my phone once since I got it, but it's okay! I definitely recommend Otterbox cases!

Disclosure: I wasn't given anything from the Otterbox brand, I was posting about an item from Otterbox that I use and happen to like!!
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