Friday, August 12, 2011


I've been a fan of Nick Cage for years---- until tonight! I was channel-flicking, not like me, more like the guys in my household, and I stumbled upon "ConAir". I decided ok, I've never seen this one of his movies yet, and started watching it. I've seen  the movie that he was in with Sean Connery, "The Rock" (?), and it was a bit violent. "ConAir" was definitely worse, in the violence category! I definitely don't recommend that movie! His hair was also long and strangely, and I liked him with the shorter hair.  Not happy with him anymore!
 I think that John Cusack just replaced him in my favorites list for now! "2012" and "Must Love Dogs" were two of my favorite movies! He was also in the horror flick "1408"!  The Rock--Dwayne Johnson-- is another favorite actor of mine. Steven and I were recently watching "The Game Plan" last week---cute movie and family friendly!

Who are your favorite actors? Just curious!

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