Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hi!! I attempted to post this morning, but for some reason or another, the Blogger app on my iPhone4 was giving me some grief! I had taken a picture of my toe, and had a bit of a paragraph to go with it. I was posting about son's right knee progress, while we were eating breakfast. I definitely wasn't motivated earlier today!! It took a large cup of coffee to wake me up, along with my cereal! I tried to cut out the caffeine while I've been on leave, but no luck! I have cut down, though, from about 2 glasses of tea and a huge cup of coffee, to about 1 and 1---not much! I started reading "Caffeine Makes Me Bleed" this morning,  while Steven was at his P.T. appointment.

He had a pool party to go to this afternoon, and we stopped by Walgreens to see what their prices were for sodas. Not bad for 2 liters, 3 for $4. No coupons, though! When I was driving up AIA in Satellite Beach after dropping him off at the party, I thought that I saw at huge almost life-size pirate figure that looked like Jack Sparrow on the front porch of a house!  I wished that I had taken a picture of it! It was so interesting and it had caused me to do a double take!! I'm such a Pirates of the Caribbean fan!!!

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