Sunday, August 7, 2011

Falling Skies-- I'm watching the season finale!

If you watch TNT, you'll know that the season finale for "Falling Skies" is on right now, and I'm watching it! For some reason or another, I'm into catastrophic shows and movies. Give me a natural disaster movie to watch and I'll have my eyes glued to it! I'm already waiting for next season! (The Glee Project took the back burner tonight for me. I did record it on the dvr, though!) I was surprised to find out yesterday that even my Dad watches it, and I think that he was going to try to stay up to watch it tonight! I tried to follow the #fschat tonight on twitter, but like tweet parties, I got lost after awhile!

I"m aiming to try to do some following of three different blog hops tonight, while I'm watching "Falling Skies". I finally have the family room to myself, and it's quiet, except for my show and Doc (one of our birds) making baby noises!

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