Tuesday, August 9, 2011

COUNTDOWN TO SCHOOL STARTING!(he goes back tomorrow!)

WOW! I can't believe that my son has one more day at home before school starts back tomorrow! I got him up early today, trying to get him tired for tonight. He's got his mom's night owl hours for staying up late and sleeping in late unfortunately! 7th grade...I'm kind of reminiscing today, remembering when he was in the first grade! I found a poem folder that he did in first grade yesterday afternoon, while I was going through a tote. It's definitely a keeper! We had our trials and tribulations with him back then, he joined chorus, and he was also going through speech with a speech therapist. He was a social bee in class back then, and got into trouble talking a lot.

Now, he's texting and talking with his friends on Facebook constantly! What happened to phone calls?
There will be less goofing off this year and more focusing on studying and homework in our household. Since school doesn't get out till late afternoon, he'll have to focus on homework practically as soon as he gets home. He signed up for advanced classes, and he needs to keep his grades up in them.  When I was his age, my mother was still a stay at home mom (she was a RN, and she stayed home from when my brother Bruce was born until I was around 13 or 14 years old---about 11 years). Unfortunately, that's not the case in our household, and I'll be heading back to work late next week---pending what my podiatrist says. My husband's geared toward the math and technical classes, and I can help him with the English and grammar, if you can believe that!

He's doing great in physical therapy, so I don't anticipate him having to go there too much longer. We have the equipment at home, minus a treadmill. His right knee gets "sore" sometimes, and he uses the colpacks  (a particular brand of a cold pack) that we have here to "ice" it when needed. He'll probably be out of P.E. the first two weeks, and if he needs to be out of it longer, we just have to contact the ortho doctor and he'll extend the note.

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