Saturday, July 23, 2011

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

If you were a teen or an adult in the mid-70's, you'll get my Bay City Rollers reference! What a week it has been in my household! Some downtime, but not a whole lot! The whole week went by in a blur, I do declare!
Sunday... when we found out that Steven had taken his iPhone into the swimming pool at his aunt and uncle's place (they attempted to dry it out before he came home, it ended up being non-functional!), we knew that we were going to have to replace it for him. We all were out of contract with our phones, and the  coverage policy that we had bought on the phone had expired in June. One of us could get a new iPhone 4, and give him the old 3GS. It ended up being me. Steve and I took my Dad with us to Waterford Lakes in Orlando, and I got the phone that afternoon. The guy took two attempts to put a protective screen on it for me, and told me to wait 24 hours to let it dry. I also bought the Defender series Otterbox iPhone 4 case that day, too.   We came home and tried to relax for a few hours before we had to pick up Steven at MCO really late that night. Dad stayed at the house, since he had to get up early and move into his apartment Monday morning. Every so often Sunday evening, we kept getting updates from Steven on boarding the plane and all. Long story, but in a nutshell, my child couldn't get an escort for United that night! He ended up with a 2 hour layover in Dulles by himself, and he checked in with us. He transferred onto the plane by himself. Bear in mind, he flew up a couple of weeks ago, with an escort on both planes that he had to be on just to get to NC. He's only 12 and he had never flown before!  He did quite well, and says that he could switch planes on his own next time! He got in about 12:13am, and it took till almost 1:45am before we got home.

Monday... Dad moved into his apartment, and we gave him the housewarming gift of 3 helpers from Steve's karate class to help him move in. Son and I ended up getting up early and going to talk with a counselor at Steven's school regarding 7th grade classes. We stopped back at the house, and then went back out to his orthodontist appointment. He has one more tooth to lose, and we are looking at braces in the next 6 months! Lovely, been there done that in my early 30's!  I definitely hit my 2 hour limit on my feet that day! Then, a drive to dad's apartment after lunch, to get him so that he could get his car from our house. I was so beat!

Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday were spent trying to get laundry caught up and I propped up my feet quite a bit. Definitely Netflix'd!!! Got a little caught up on some reading! I did take son to his church on Thursday so that he could go to Wet and Wild with his youth group, and hubby picked him up that afternoon after the group got back!

Friday... Took son to his orthopedic surgeon appointment, and found out that he's got a torn meniscus on the right  side of his right knee. The tear needs to be trimmed in an arthroscopy, and it was set up for this coming Tuesday morning. Pray for him and me, I need the strength that day!  We stopped by hubby's work and went to lunch with him at a Mexican restaurant. We had to stop briefly to pick up some copies of the local paper for a friend of mine  who lives elsewhere in Central FL on the way home.
The screen hadn't dried by Friday, and son was already putting my Otterbox case on for me! When Steve got home from work, he decided that we needed to return the screen to Best Buy and get one from The Apple Store. Got a hassle at a Best Buy, not the same one that had put the screen on, but they at least credited the screen for us. Then, off to the Apple Store. It was raining in Orlando! Yuck! Bought the screen from there, but the Apple staff were too busy, and the store was a zoo!  I looked at an iPod 160GB (I want to increase mine someday from the 60 GB one that I got for Christmas in December '05!) and at iPad 2's! Stopped at a Denny's on SR 436 near the Lee Vista area in Orlando for dinner on the way home! I tried the macadamia nut pancakes, yummy!  I kept an eye on my watch for the time allotment that I can have on my feet---no more than 2 hours a day, and I stayed within it. But I did have to take Tylenol when we got home last night!    My whole body ached!
Today... Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2! Great ending! I am beat!! Ended up watching Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone tonight! Spent some time with our birds and propped my feet up.

What a long week!!! I'm so looking forward to watching The Glee Project tomorrow night! They're down to 7 now!

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