Monday, June 6, 2011

Very Very late pics from Steven's spring break with Mom at WDW

Hey y'all!! It took awhile for me to get hubby to help me out with getting the pics off of my camera, literally! He finally hooked it up Saturday evening to our Mac, and for some reason or another, it wouldn't transfer the pics! Ha, it would be my luck!!! I knew that I wouldn't have been able to do it! Steve did show me once before, but it took him a bit, with tinkering with my digital camera (it's a Sony)----then then finally downloaded!!! Yeahhhh, hubby!! Thank you very much, Steve!!!

Above pic is from the Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The evil step-mother from Enchanted, Susan Sarandon's character.  I loved that movie, but then again, Patrick Dempsey's one of my favorite actors!  Steven and I like to do the Backlot Tour, but I hate to get my butt wet! We were on the tour about 4 years ago with a podcaster we knew, Gary Chambers from the Mouse Lounge podcast, and Steven didn't get wet. Gary and I both did, down to our underwears! Both of us had to have been pulling wet underwear wedgies down several times, I know, TMI!  The last few times that son and I rode it, even with hubby Steve, we didn't get wet!
Steven and I had been over there on a very rainy day in March, and we, as FL resident annual passholders, trucked around The Studios, as we affectionately call it, in our rain ponchos. He did get a pic of me  (and I took one of him) under the umbrella, like in Singing In The Rain, but it was raining so bad that the picture turned out bad!

The next picture was taken Tuesday that week, and it was nice and sunny for us when we were at the Magic Kingdom. I had been listening to Betamouse, one of my favorite Disney-type podcasts (they are a techie Disney podcast!!), and they had mentioned about the new Winnie-The-Pooh queue. The queue was finished sometime late last year, but when I had been at Magic Kingdom with hubby and son in December, we were there late on Christmas Day and the line for it had been an least an hour long! I was sooo not waiting that long for it!  But, I did talk son into it during that Tuesday!! It has some really cool interactive elements to it. I think that I had stepped on something near this, and then Gopher jumped up!

Cute pic of Gopher!!!  I'm sorry that I didn't think about taking pics of the interactive "honey" wall to show you all, but I'm sure that if you get to take a trip to WDW and go to MK, you'll see it!! 

After we left Fantasyland, we headed over to Frontierland, because while son was riding Space Mountain twice by himself, along with his quick trip over to the Tomorrowland speedway (I can never think of the name for it!)----I happened to use our passes to get him a FastPass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and one for Splash Mountain. I missed the opportunity to take his pics on both rides! What a bummer, but we do have pics of him riding it somewhere in the house!

I guess that you can tell where we headed after he rode the two rides in Frontierland! We headed over to Liberty Square, and went to ride Haunted Mansion. We saw the new queue line being hidden behind potted trees placed to prevent people from looking, as we went in the line the first time. We noticed the change in the 3 ghosts at the end of the ride, they became more interactive, I almost want to call them animated! We decided to go through and ride it again, since the wait didn't seem to be very long, maybe 20 minutes or less. This time, we got the opportunity to go through the new queue, it was in a soft opening!!!  We had a great time playing with the wall, making music as we passed our hands across the surface of the wall in one area. There were busts in another section, and you had to figure out who murdered whom first (did I say that correctly?).  Books were coming out of the bookcase wall in another area. (I didn't get pictures of the queue, but maybe I can, after my feet heal from the surgeries, before son goes back to school in August.)  We rode Pirates of the Caribbean at least once before we decided to head back over to our resort, Saratoga Springs Resort for a few hours.

 We decided to have dinner at Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot that night, and I was able to get us a reservation by walking up to the podium that they had outside downstairs that evening.  I had taken some pics on Whrrl of our meals, and I'm not sure where I have them at the moment. I had some tempura veggies and shrimp, and Steven chose the teriyaki chicken. He didn't like the teriyaki sauce, but enjoyed the chicken breast anyway. My boy's crazy about having soy sauce on his white rice, and wanted a second helping that night. Since I had been tired and we had skipped lunch that day, I said, sure.  After dinner, as we were heading out of Epcot and to go back over to Magic Kingdom, I took pictures of the different lights in the countries between Japan and Canada. 

That's Steven hiding in the phone booth in the UK pavilion! We didn't take any decent pics at MK after we went back over there that night! I was exhausted, we had had a long day, but it was a blast!  We had the best of fun!


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