Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts! :O)

Oh boy, Random Tuesday, and I think that I just posted Happy Hump Day on Facebook earlier!!! I can't blame my pain pill, but I can maybe blame being up late last night! Ha! I've been watching the Casey Anthony trial off and on since it started. It's like how can you not when you're living in Central FL and News13 has got it on during the daytime. If I don't have the trial on, I've had a show from our dvr on or some thing from Netflix or a dvd playing.

I'm trying to get caught up on watching "Torchwood" and "The Catherine Tate Show", along with "Doctor Who" on Netflix. Son told me not to send the 1st dvd of the 1st season of "Community" back to Netflix until he watches it.
 And by the way, we dropped son off at church youth camp  two days ago. I'm bummed, I miss him! He was so helpful last week after my 1st foot surgery. Favorite quote that Steven said to his dad when Stephen thanked him for helping me last week,"Family takes care of family." It makes me think of "Ohana" meaning "family" in Lilo and Stitch!!!! It isn't the same with Steven here, I don't hear his exclamation of "Oh my!!"!! He texted me late last night, when I was working on the post for the Chili's giveaway. "Love you" is what he said, and I had to respond back with "Love you more!" He's my WDW buddy and dvd/bluRay viewing dude, along with being a Doctor Who fan!

It's sunny today, and it's sad to say, but I'm still in my pj's at 12:38 pm! BUT, I am home recuparating from surgery, and in my book, THAT'S OKAY!

 p.s. it must be a little breezy outside, I hear my wind chimes!!! I love them!
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