Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Thoughts Tuesday!


Tuesday... one of those days that I'm usually off or working, but am currently on FMLA leave on! I've been taking son to Vacation Bible School so that he can assist with the kindergartners the past two mornings now. It's something that he wanted to do and he planned for this since before his spring youth retreat. I never thought when he was younger that he would be that sharing and caring at this age, but then again, unless he's in a tween mood, he's a very caring and giving son!

Driving... is something that I didn't mind until I had foot surgery! Try putting Nike slides (the kind with the Velcro strap across the toe area) on over a dressing! One can drive post-op, but one cannot drive with a post-op shoe on. Because if you do and get into an accident, insurance won't cover! So, me and my slides have tried to become best buds for two days now, and not very well! I've been listening to Betamouse, one of my very favorite techie Disney podcasts, on the drive to and from the church twice each day.  Betamouse has definitely got my mind off of the pain during the drives!!!

Separation... is a word that I've heard now twice in the past two days. My parents were married for 36 years, till my mother died from a 2nd round of cancer in '98. My father remarried about 6 months later to someone he went to high school with, but hadn't seen in years, from NC. I recently saw my father and step-mother when they were down here recently on a trip. I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary with them, except for the fact that my father mentioned, "I sure do miss your mother." (Mom's been dead for almost 13 years this August, and he's been married to my step-mother for a little more than 12 years.) I honestly couldn't think of what to say to him when he mentioned my mom, other than, "you're married to Norma." He called me yesterday and told me that they were separating. Like as if a bomb had dropped into the room. Argh! I received the 2nd call a short while ago, and he asked if he could stay with us for a few days, until he found a job and a place to stay, perhaps sometime next month. I didn't ask my husband before I offered my dad yesterday, but I did talk with Steve last night about it. I guess that we'll be having  another talk tonight.

POTC...Pirates of the Caribbean #3... is what I've got on the blu-ray at the moment. Yes, you read right, I'm not watching something from Netflix at the moment! I happen to like this particular one, especially at the beginning when the prisoners are singing!

And one more thing... I'm totally psyched about Warehouse 13 and Eureka coming back  on SyFy on July 11th!!! I think that I've got Steve hooked on Eureka! He watched another episode of it when I fell asleep on the sofa last night! Even Steven watched 1/2 of an episode with us!

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