Saturday, June 11, 2011

My boy's back home!

Steve got off work early yesterday to help them unload the truck at Steven's church with all of the campers' stuff in it, and he brought Steven home. YAY! MY buddy's back! Except that he's been a very tired and a bit cranky (can you say that when they're 12? ), since he stayed up late every night while he was away at camp!  He was awfully quiet when he got home yesterday, and he took off to his room to watch some tv for an hour.
We had to be back at his church for a post-camp praise and worship service around 7:30 pm.  A band called IN THE WALK played, and Steven liked them. He had heard them play at camp this week, and then again at church last night. This was the 1st time that I couldn't really stand up and dance along to praise music--- I tend to like to stand up and clap and hold my hands up at times! But, due to my heel surgery, not really possible, since I still can't bear weight on it, and I really couldn't do much standing and holding onto the walker!  The band was good and the service was nice. We had a spaghetti dinner around 10 pm in the church hall.

We(Steven and I) spent a little time together watching some tv after we got home (I should say that hubby was tired and he went to bed.), watching an episode of "Glee" from Netflix. And dude fell asleep on the loveseat during it, he was sooooo tired!

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