Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning!

HI! I just realized this morning when I looked at my site that I haven't posted in a week, and I am so sorry, y'all! The second foot surgery last Tuesday really kicked me hard with pain and mobility issues. I'm not throwing myself a pitty party and I don't expect you to do so either! Tuesday was really painful, and it took until Wednesday before I had some semblence of relief (at least 4 phone calls to the doctor's office and then one to him personally on Tuesday evening, when he told me to cut the dressing down half way on the little toe side. Hubby cut it, and the dressing loosened big time!). I was still in a great deal of pain when I went to see the doctor for a post-op visit on Thursday, and found out that since the dressing had been cut, the pressure dressing didn't keep the swelling down in my right forefoot. As the nurse in his office put it, there was a "gignormous" amount of swelling  and  some maceration of the incision. ARGGGHHH!  I don't want a wound to complicate things!

Due to the above, I posted on twitter and facebook a little here and there from my iPhone while sitting on the sofa (and not pulling a Peggy Bundy eating bon-bons!) and watching Netflix, dvds, and shows. I tried to do some reading on a book that I need to review soon, but my mind just wasn't focusing on reading.  Steve attempted to get me out of the house ever so briefly on Saturday to eat lunch out and to get some Coldstone Creamery ice cream, and I didn't tolerate either one very long. Besides being uncomfortable, I was extremely self-conscious with the walker for some reason. That evening we watched several epsiodes of "Eureka" on Netflix, a show that even Steve's enjoying! Steven went and watched tv in his room. I should say that he was watching "Joe Dirt" on an app called "Crackle" on his iPhone. Crackle is free and from what I've figured from it, it plays old movies---ones that the app company decides to play----with ads. "Joe Dirt" and "Ghostbusters" were the two movies showing on it that night.

I have a few planned posts for you all coming as soon as I can get them posted! Have an awesome day!


Disclosure: I mentioned Crackle, only because it's an app  that my son and I both like and that it's free. I was not contacted by the company or compensated by them.
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