Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Here, Home, and Hope by Kaira Rouda

Have you ever read a book that you felt like you connected with it, or seriously could relate to issues in it? I could, to an extent with Here, Home, and Hope! I'm a little bit older than the main character, and I can relate to the mid-life "wanting to reinvent" topic!

Claire Cook, the bestselling author of "Must Love Dogs" and "Best Staged Plans" said this about Kaira's book,"Reading Kaira Rouda is like getting together with one of your best friends ---fun, fast, and full of advice! "Here, Home, and Hope" sparkles with humor and heart."

This is taken from the inside cover of the book:" Kelly Mills Johnson is a 39-year old wife and mother stuck in the rut of her suburban life, a happy but routine relationship with her lawyer husband, two uber-successful businesswomen for best friends to envy, and an all-round predictable existence as a momof two who's lost her passion collide-----motivating Kelly to devise an ambitious and oftentimes humorous midlife makeover plan. Is Kelly brave enough to take the painful but necessary steps toward her own reinvention before it's too late?"

Kelly had a double needle biopsy prior to Christmas the year before, which had come back fine.  About 6 months later, her sons were at summer camp, her husband was busy at work, and she was at the dentist. Due to grinding her teeth in her sleep, she developed a crack in one of her teeth. She began to think more and more about how things were in her life and that the "big 4-0" was coming up. She had what had been a wake-up call after the biopsy, and she was realizing that she wanted to do some changes in her life! Her friend Charlotte, a realtor, came over to visit, after she stopped by the house across the street from Kelly. Charlotte was trying to sell the house for neighbor of Kelly's who wanted to sell the house quick. Charlotte commented on how nice Kelly's house was decorated, and then she asked Kelly to help her stage the neighbor's house and that she'd pay her for the work.  In between all of the varied things that occur throughout the book, like with her friend's divorces & infidelity, Kathryn's anorexic daughter Melanie, her friend Beth helping with Melanie, Melanie's father's death,  Kelly's party for the official start of her home staging business, she makes little post-it notes  & a list addressed "T2C"----"things to change". Throughout the book, she mentioned little" T2C"'s that she needed to do, and she did  them.

About Kaira Rouda, she lists things that she likes on her website  (listed below), such as pillows with flowers on them,  a "Wacky Chicks" book, a duck covered in hearts, the Partridge Family bus (I love it!!!), a lollipop from Dylan's Candy Bar, her kitten, toys, her coffee mug, a peace sign coaster, and her "little people"!!!

For more information on Kaira, where you can purchase her books, how to follow her on twitter, facebook, and to look at a book trailer, please check out the sites listed below!

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Definitely go and check out her book, it's awesome!


Disclosure: I'm a member of the One2One Network, and I was given a physical copy of the book in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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