Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Punflay's Geometry (Mathomatix) App Review

I just love to review apps for Punflay! They have the coolest ways of introducing math to kindergarteners!
(If my 12 year son was younger, I know that he would totally enjoy learning from them!) The app that I've reviewed and downloaded on my iPhone was called Geometry. For those with inquiring minds wondering how much, it is available for free on iTunes, and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad!

Again, it was a test for me to see if I was smarter than a kindergartener! This app comes with 5 activities that each reinforces concepts of shape: Say Cheese, Sharkie Shapeater, Frog Jump, Munkee Munch,  and Match Mission.

In "Say Cheese", the kids have to trace the shapes in this activity correctly, so that the mouse can get some cheese. I accidently went out of the lines, and the mouse got sad. But when I did it correctly he was happy and got the cheese. Next game I played was called "Sharkie Shapeater", and you have to tilt and help the shark find the matching shape to eat. I didn't do too well at this one, I couldn't get my shark to the shapes that were matching fast enough! "Munkee Munch" was interesting! With this game, you have to drag  food to the monkey's plate that matches the shape  shown in the picture. Like if it was a triangle, you would drag the pie or cheese to the plate and it would be correct!! I really had to pay attention with this one, because it seemed like the shapes changed quickly for me!

With "Frog Jump", this activity shows frogs jumping from one geometric shape to another! You have to match the raft's shape to the leaves. When the raft matches the leave, the frog can jump and land on it. And last but not least, "Match Mission", you had to match the shape with a correct object in a series. In the game, if a computer screen was shown, then the child would pick a rectangle.  I liked "Match Mission"!!  There's also a MY STUFF section where the child could add points and grow his/her My Stuff section.
I enjoyed this app, and would highly recommend it to those with children around kindergarten age!!

Easy-to-use menu for kids
simple activities that offer a lot of practice to reinforce concepts
Supplements Math concepts learned in school
Blends California and National Standards
5 games in one package
Attractive graphics and exciting animations!

works with iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 4.0
WiFi, Edge or 3G Network Required

Disclosure: I downloaded the app at the request of Punflay for the review, and it was a free app in iTunes. The opinions expressed were my own!



Julie from Momspective said...

My kids LOVES the iPad and iPhone. I'll check this one out, thanks!

Tammy said...

I always like having apps on my iPad for when I'm with my nieces - it keeps them occupied with something new when we're together - thanks for sharing, I'm going to download it!

winterbabe98 said...

check out Punflay's website, they have quite a few for the young ones!

The Crazy Busy Bunch said...

Where was this when my babies were little?

Following you through Bloggy Moms!

Thanks for visiting my site :)


winterbabe98 said...

Thanks, Heather!!


Julie from Momspective said...

Dropping by to say hello and give you a great big bloggy hug :)

winterbabe98 said...

Ladies, I really wish that they were around when my son was little. I did ask my contact at Punflay to pass on that I really wished that they had some apps for the older kids, say, junior high age!

winterbabe98 said...

And Julie, thanks, hon! Hugs back at ya!