Friday, May 27, 2011

He Is We: My Forever ----CD review

He Is We is a pop duo, comprised of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. They began working together in 2008 at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma, Washington, and became fast friends. After discovering that they were musically inclined, they began to collaborate on music, with their first collaboration being called
"Such A Beautiful Sound".

They posted a song called "Pardon Me" online, and it started to get attention, with a few plays a day. Later, thousands of plays!! They started writing a few more songs, then realized that they needed to have more than just online songs! The final album was digitally released in November 2010.

When I started to listen to the cd, I was put into a good mood, hearing their voices blend in the cheerful melodies .(I know, my last sentence sounds corny, but it's true, they blended well!) I got into "Forever & Ever", "All About Us", "Everything You Do", and "And Run", just to name a few of the songs. I was constantly playing them on my iPhone, in the stereo unit in my car, and on my iPod! The tune are quite catchy and very youthful. It really felt like the songs were being written from life experiences of theirs.
(I will admit that my husband and son weren't crazy about their music, but I was!!!)
I do recommend that you check them out, and I've got a few links for you to do so!

He Is We




"Happily Ever After" Video


Disclosure: I was given a copy of the cd by SNEAK ATTACK MEDIA  free to review, and the  opinions expressed were my own! Honesty is everything!!
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