Friday, April 8, 2011

Yanni--- Truth of Touch (CD Review)

Yanni has recently returned with a new studio album called "Truth Of Touch", and it is in stores now! He  also launched a 40 city tour on March 22nd. (I actually was at a Best Buy in my area tonight, and I happened to see the cd on the shelf. How awesome!)  I was listening to the digital cd I received earlier this week after work one morning, and it was really relaxing! The first song, Truth of Touch, really caught my attention! As I listened to Yanni's instrumentals, I was soothed, totally different than the songs that we hear on the radio these days! The only song that I wasn't real crazy about was the song called "Can't Wait", I didn't like hearing singing with the instrumental music! I'm being honest!
 Here's a way of checking out some of his music and info about his tour : The Official Website of Yanni

Yanni's tour dates are here: Tour Dates
What a bummer that I can't go to his Orlando concert on April 20th, it's on one of my work nights! That's the closest tour site that he'll be near me! But alas, some of you all might be living in cities or nearby ones where he'll be visiting! Just scope out the info!

Just a few pictures above of the album cover and of Yanni playing the piano!


Disclosure: I'm a member of the One2One Network, and I was given a digital copy of the cd in order to facilitate this review. By doing my review and reporting it, I'm entering into a drawing.  The opinions were my own!
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