Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Home-Ec 101: Skills For Everyday Living-Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it

I've got to admit something to my readers, I learned most of what I'm able to do now around the house from my husband, from when we dated and through all of the almost 22 years of marriage! I sure wish that Heather Solos "Home-Ec 101" book was around back then! I sure could have used it, and wouldn't have been so overwhelmed as I was years ago! (Laundry, oh man, if I didn't turn clothes colors, I was real lucky. Cooking and following recipes, along with buying the proper ingredients, was a trek into the unknown!)

Heather's Home-Ec101 book cover

I was reading Chapter 20, which was entitled "Meal Planning: Not Just For Control Freaks".

I love that chapter title! As I would say, too cool! At the beginning of the chapter, Heather starts by telling you to clear off the table, and to get used to eating at it. (We have two tables in our house, one in the kitchen and the other in the dining room!And where do we eat, in the family room!)
She also recommends sitting down and making a list of activities that may make meal planning difficult. Definitely don't plan a difficult meal on a busy night! Plan 5 meals a week, and one of the other nights can be a clean out refrigerator night (CORN)! Heather talks about using the grocery store ad to plan your meals with, buying some of your groceries on sale.
Other ideas are to introduce one new food item a week, if you are cooking for others,  and be open to suggestions. Pay attention to the reactions of the others, if they like something or not. Vary your sides, like rice one night, pasta on another night. Recipes for stock and meatloaf were included in the chapter.
I really learned some new things that gave me a new way of thinking about meal preparation!! 

Her book can be bought through Amazon: Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos
And at Barnes and Noble:Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos

I received the opportunity to read a chapter from Heather Solos' book Home-Ec 101 from One2One Network, of which I am a member, free of charge. The opinions expressed are my own!


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