Sunday, March 20, 2011

Miscellaneous thoughts about things lately...

Hi! Lots of things have been going on around here lately!
My job's been keeping me busy with trying to tie up loose ends at the end of the shift, and trying to make sure that our staff get their jobs done, as in making sure that the CNAs are doing what they should and making sure that the nurses' station doesn't look like a mess at the end of the shift! Plus, I'm usually running around like a crazy woman at the end of my shift trying to get meds out on time and to handle requests from my residents as I go from room to room on my team passing meds. I'm a RN in a nursing home/subacute facility (rehabilitation for those coming from the hospital for short term rehab before going home or to an assisted living facility or staying in my facility.) It's hard work, but I do it!

We've been dealing with issues with our son having problems with some of his classmates being bullies lately, and having to call the school to report them. One kid got suspended over punching our son, and luckily son didn't punch back. Though, he was afraid of retaliation from the child if he had reported him, but some of his classmates did instead. I could have brained our son a few days later when  he "friended" the kid on XBox, and they got into an argument, and he threatened to whup him again and he said that he would come to our neighborhood to get him.Then, our son threatened to hit him with a bat. (Now, that was uncalled for and inappropriate, this is what I told our son.) We told him to not talk with this kid, and to have nothing to do with him. Granted, Steven takes karate, and could have easily used it on the kid and others, he hasn't yet.  Bullying is a big "no-no" in the schools down here, and isn't tolerated. I sure wished that I had reported issues like this when I was in school, but back then, I feared retaliation, big-time. I was too shy and too naive back then.

I've been trying to learn how to use Whrrl and other apps on my iPhone lately, I would appreciate it if you all would check out what I've done with Whrrl lately----please give me your opinions on it. I've loving social media and all forms of it!!! I'm constantly on twitter, using foursquare and gowalla when I'm out and about, and miso and getglue when I'm at home watching tv or when I'm out.

I'm also trying to post here on my blog or use Whrrl to mention about places in Central FL or Brevard County, FL-----like as in UCF Arena, or about new diners that we've scoped out in Brevard, or even places that we go to when we go over to Orlando. I've lived in FL for 36 out of my almost 49 years (yea, I'm finally admitting the age that I'll be in less than 2 months!!!!), and most of them were over in the Orlando area-------20 years over there and 16 in the Brevard County area.  We've been into checking out diners in Melbourne mostly, and I've posted a few pics recently about Harbor City Diner. Decent food at decent prices! We've also been to Little Phillies in Satellite Beach & Steagles in Melbourne, to name two others! I haven't really used Yelp on my iPhone much, because the last time we followed a recommendation from someone on it in the Orlando  area for a Mexican restaurant over in the Winter Park area, we ended up with a bad experience with the meal and the food sucked! We tend to check out places that friends or co-workers recommend to us, most of the time. And, sometimes, we'll scope out a place that's been mentioned in the local Friday TGIF section.
Check out small Mom and Pop places, you might just end up with some decent food!!

Organization..... I've been trying to go through things that I've brought with us through moves during the past 22 years, and throwing things out or donating to son's rummage sale. School papers from K-4 through 6th grade are being sorted and gone through, recipes from ever since we got married & some that I've printed from the Net in the past few years, and other miscellaneous things. We're trying to finally turn our spare bedroom into a spare bedroom! We have purchased a few units from IKEA for organizing stuff, one of which was posted on Organize with Sandy, on one of her postings during the past two months.  We also bought one of the sofas, kind of like a futon, but not exactly!  We also moved Steven's XBox unit in there, freeing up some space in the family room for speakers for our entertainment center.
 Here's the link for how the Expendit is organized form our house!  Organize With Sandy

Summer Camp..... We are already planning for our son to go to summer camp for a week with his church youth group, when I might be off from work with foot surgery for my plantar fasciitis. He's excited about going, and I will miss him------ not used to him being away from home, but am realizing that he's finally growing up and getting older, I've got to let loose the strings a bit!  He's even looking forward to going away for a weekend (Again!) with his youth group for Spring Break (they went away during the last weekend in October last year)-----I was hoping to go to WDW for a day with him during that time----he's my Disney buddy, we love Mom and Boy trips to WDW without Dad!
Enough said for one night...... I'm rambling, and it's late! I've still got laundry to hang up! A mom's work is never done! Good night!
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