Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey all! Trying to commit to more posting about life around here in the next week, since son's on Spring Break as of yesterday afternoon. Steven had been trying to get us to Meg O'Malley's for awhile, everytime we wanted to go out to eat in Brevard County. I don't quite remember where Brevard County's lower border is, but I think that it's around Grant or Fellsmere. And, the top is somewhere around Mims. We tend to go between Palm Bay and Titusville, when checking out places to eat, mostly lately in Melbourne.
Anyhow,  I texted a co-worker of mine yesterday afternoon, trying to find out places in the Titusville area to eat for dinner, I guess that he thought that I was joking! A few minutes later he texted me back about 4 places, which we'll probably scope out at a later date. We toyed with going to Titusville, but ended up deciding to go to Melbourne, to Meg O'Malley's, an Irish pub/restaurant, since it had been on son's request of places.

I posted a couple of pics on Whrrl of Steven's potato and leek soup---if you've had Le Cellier's soup at the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot, Le Cellier's soup is cheesy and beer flavored and pureed. O'Malley's is definitely chunks of potato and bacon and leeks, with grated cheese sprinkled on top. Both soups are great, in my opinion.

The corned beef and cabbage meal was delicious, and had decent portions. I chose Colcannon, a combination of potatoes and cabbage mixed together, instead of red bliss potatoes. The corned beef was so tender that you could cut a bite with just your fork. I also had baby carrots and buttered cabbage. I never got around to eating the brown bread roll! Steve had shepherd's pie, I think that he liked it, if I remember correctly!! Steven had the soup and a ceasar salad---he's on a ceasar salad kick right now. No dessert or alcohol drinks for us there, just tea and soda.

Parking was at a premium in Downtown Melbourne, it's kind of hard to find a parking spot along W. New Haven Avenue, so we ended up parking near Melbourne City Hall, on one of the main roads---and we walked!
Off to Walmart after dinner to check out if Steven could get a water bottle holder for his bike, but none looked liked they'd fit on his bike. I found the Blu-ray set of Pirates of the Caribbean (all 3 of the movies in a set) for around $49, and bought them. I love those movies!!! Cap'n Jack!!!
 We got home close to 9pm, and I had been up mostly all day after I got home from work yesterday morning. I decided to watch Fringe in the master bedroom, and proceeded to fall asleep watching it! Ha! I don't remember much of the show! I think that he woke me up about 10:30 pm to take my bedtime meds, and I wasn't up much later than that!

I'm aiming to take Steven with me to WDW on Tuesday, not sure what park yet, it seriously depends on how I feel that day!
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