Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Man! It's been almost a month!

Hi! I just realized this morning that it's been almost a month, not quite, but close, since I last posted. I could give excuses, but they would be the truth! I've either been at work, trying to spend a wee bit of time with the family, sleep (gee, what is that??), running errands, or running to & from doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments! Due to the bronchitis that I had prior to Christmas, I had to run to the pulmonologist a few times! I'm finally starting to feel a lot better! I had a month of prednisone, which either gave me the munchies or made me feel like the evil twin or other lovely side effects. Plantar fasciitis---I hope that you all never get it, or if you do have it, I feel for you! 11 months of having it is getting very old! The total of 4 steroid injections and Physical Therapy and cryotherapy (20 ounce bottles filled with water then frozen, you roll them under your feet for about 20 minutes with socks on, it helps.) and stretching exercises-------all have helped, but now the podiatrist is talking about surgery, since I've had it (the pain) so long.

I haven't been on the Mac much, due to the above. Usually, if you have seen a post from me on twitter, it's been from my iPhone when I posted via Miso or Get Glue, two of the apps that I happen to like to use these days. I got addicted to Dr. Who when I was sick after Christmas. David Tennant, who was the 10th Doctor, is definitely my favorite. I also fell in love with flashmob dances, after watching a rerun of Modern Family, where Cameron joins a flashmob dance! I would love to know what shows you all watch!

I still plan to post some belated pics from Christmas at the parks---both Sea World and WDW.  I have another Punflay app review to share with you all, too, and another book review.

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