Friday, January 7, 2011

Book review of "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball"--author Donita K. Paul

I was given the opportunity to review "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball", written by Donita K. Paul, through Blogging for Books.
The minute I saw the cover of the book, I knew that I would like it! It had two gold-colored tickets on it, against a background of a lit-up city, with snow on the ground, kind of magical-like.  The two main characters are Cora Crowder and her co-worker Simon Derrick.  Cora decides to go shopping one day and had found this bookstore online, and she walked down Sage Street to look for it. The store was called Warner, Warner, and Wizbotterdad Books. The owner and his grandson runs the bookstore, and the grandfather was holding a book that Cora should buy, like it was the perfect book for her to purchase for her uncle!!! Her co-worker Simon comes in the store at some point, and makes a purchase.
What happens after they make their purchases, it that they find  golden tickets with their items for a Wizards' Christmas Ball.  both of them look for more information about the Christmas Ball online, and see a reflection of the other person on their computer screens.  They start talking at work more, and  gradually Cora ends up meeting Sandy, Simon's sister, and the rest of his family who he happens to live with. Sandy, Simon's sister, becomes friends with Cora, and Cora decides to give up her ticket to the ball so that Sandy can go.  Over the course of the book, going to church is mentioned by Simon,  and he talks with his pastor off and on, about relationships. I don't want to spoil the end, so you will have to read it to find out if Simon and Cora get together, and what the Christmas Ball is about!!! It was a very enjoyable book, and really was perfect for any time of the year!
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