Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas post--- belated!

Hey my readers!! Good afternoon from Sea World! My planned posts will be delayed from last week, obviously! Between Physical Therapy for my feet and working some crazy shifts at work last week ( one night shift, part of an evening shift, and one 12 hour shift), plus two short trips, no real time to post. I am still fighting the bronchitis, on 2nd round of steroids, plus my regular Symbicort and Singular, along with nebulizer or inhaler of Xopenex. I am hoping that it doesn't linger 6 weeks like the bout of bronchitis I had in '04! I am taking alot of pics at WDW and Sea World, aiming to post some over the holidays! We are passholders at Sea World/Busch Gardens and at WDW, and as FL residents we try to go when we can! I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas yesterday! ( I missed church Friday night since I pulled a 12 hour shift, helping out to cover for a nurse who had the Norovirus!)

Barb and family!

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