Sunday, November 28, 2010

TV Shows and some rambling!!

If you've been following me on twitter, you'll notice that I watch alot of shows from the dvr, when I post via Miso from my iPhone. I never seem to get the chance to watch shows whenever they're on in real time, due to that either hubby or son doesn't want to watch what I'm watching. I tend to catch Sanctuary from the dvr on Saturday mornings, it's a different sort of show on the SyFy channel. I started watching it after I stumbled upon Warehouse 13. Wednesday nights are always dvr'ed since I never get a Wednesday night off unless I'm sick or on vacation. Modern Family and The Middle are definitely son's and my faves! Grey Anatomy and Private Practice-----two that I can watch the next day after 10 am from enjoy them, and don't seem to get bothered by the surgeries! Maybe it's because I saw an open chest surgery back when I was in nursing school-- a lady's lung was being removed, and I could see her heart beating.  Who knows!
Miso is an app on the iPhone and the Blackberry, if I'm correct, and it's another social media site where you can post what movie or tv show that you're watching. They had a really cool thing on Thanksgiving, where if you posted that you were watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, you ended up with a Minion badge or something like that and could log on a site that had to do with Minions and the Despicable Me movie. Too Cool!

My favorite show today has been the Sarah Palin's Alaska show. Even though it's about her family and what they did this summer, I'm enjoying the awesome Alaskan scenery!!! Alaska's on my bucket list! Early on in my marriage to Steve, I wanted us to move there, and I wanted to work as a nurse flying to different towns  or work in a hospital in Anchorage! We got older, and my desire to want to move there changed, but I still want to travel to that beautiful state!!!

I can't stay awake much longer, starting to yawn too much!!! Good night to you all!  Hope that you had a great weekend!

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