Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPhone app review of Alzebra from Punflay!!!

Alzebra is a new educational app from Punflay from their popular Mathematix series. This app is designed to teach kindergartners basic algebra! And, boy is it fun! I reviewed this app myself, due to the fact that my 11 year old's been busy with homework ,studying for tests,  and working on science project stuff during the past week. (Son usually likes to scope out games on my iPhone, even if they're for younger ones than him!)

It has 5 different games to choose from within the app: Pizza Mania, Tummy Time, Space Rock, Number Strike, and Sound Sequence. I played 3 out of the 5 during the past week: Pizza Mania, Space Rock, and Tummy Time.
With the Tummy Time game, you had to get the animal near the food that was pictured on the screen for it, as the food fell from the sky. If the animal ate the wrong food, it ended up with a tummy ache! This was a harder one for me--- I guess that I'm not smarter than a kindergartner!!  I didn't do so well at it!

The next one that I played was the Pizza Mania game. Beside the slice of pizza were pictures of the toppings that needed to be placed on the pizza. The toppings would be moving around and appearing on the page---you had to get them on the slice!!! I did do better on this one!!!

The last game that I had a chance to play was Space Rock, and to me, it was the easiest one! A pattern would go across the top of the screen , and you would have to complete the sequence!

If I had a young one around kindergarten age, I would definitely want this app for him or her! It teaches sequencing and basic concepts of algebra for  young ones!!!

It is available on iTunes currently for 99 cents.


 Disclosure: I received the opportunity to review this iPhone app from Punflay, who supplied the app  via Mommy Blogs Product Review Network, and the opinions expressed were my own! 

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