Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday and boy, has it been a long week!

Hi! Have you ever had one of those weeks with your child or children when you wondering when it's going to click with them about getting assignments for class done?
We , or should I say, my husband, keep track of son's grades via Edline on the Mac. He didn't turn in two assignments earlier this week, and he ended up with 2 incompletes on homework. When did he think that we weren't going to find out?? We love the boy dearly and completely, but sometimes!!!! :O)
Hubby had a talk with him after he got home from work today and on the way back home from karate, and  hopefully DS listened! He's a smart kid, don't get me wrong!

I'm into my 3rd night straight at work tonight out of my 4 in a row, and it's just been so busy! I love my patients, but sometimes you just can't do everything for everyone!!
And if I had been paying attention last week when I scheduled my podiatrist appointment, I would have realized that I will be running to not one, but two doctor appointments within a 2 hour period on Friday morning!!! Lovely!!! Can I blame Mommy Alzheimer's or just be too busy to think???
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