Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday evening!

It's late Sunday night, and I've been up almost 12 hours! Hubby and son let me sleep in this morning (I skipped church this am.). I had been up since 7:30 pm on Friday evening (I worked Friday night), and pretty much ran around doing errands Saturday, like taking son to karate, and going shopping. We went to Outback for dinner, it seems to be one of those restaurants we go to once every few years---not exactly one of our favorites. It happened to be one of the restaurants listed on the gift card that I had bought through Scrips at church. Add staying up all day along with 2 Mai-Tai's and that equals a very sleepy me.
I woke up briefly around 1:30 this morning when my CPAP machine made a strange noise, it kind of freaked me out, and I ended up getting up and reading some e-mails for a bit, then went back to bed around 2 am. I think that when I looked at it later, the hose must have come loose from the machine, and caused the whooshing noise that I had heard.
Spent most of my waking hours today either washing dishes after meals or doing laundry,  both of which I do well at!
I'm working on trying to get my Shaklee home business going, and have finally ordered business cards to it. (Son and hubby had some input on the design!) If you want to check out the site, here's the addy for it :
It's for healthy home, healthy body!!

Also, I have taken down the countdown time for the Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn". I wasn't sure if it was offending anyone or not. I just happen to be a Christian woman who just recently got into the Twilight series, and love it.  Go Team Edward!!!  (My pastor, Pastor Debbie, recently was in Washington, and she mentioned that she drove through Forks---too cool!)
 I think that I do have some readers who happen to like Twilight, though---Aurora, are you out there???

Another one of my favorite things lately, well, besides Twilight, is trying to schedule time to get over to the Happiest Place on Earth---WDW. Looks like we'll be there for Food and Wine the weekend of Oct 29 thru 31st, son's going on a church retreat that weekend, so it will be hubby and me!!! Yahooooo! One of out Disney friends, Matt, is going to be down from PA then, and we'll be hanging with him and maybe others!

Ciao for now!

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