Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nutshell story about my in-laws!

Dear followers,
I'm so sorry that I didn't hold my word and post a few days after the last posting! DS11 started school on August 9th, and it's been crazy here every since with 6th grade homework! Arrrgggghhhh! (Pirate noise thrown in here!!)
Well, when Les and Nancy were here, we did park-hop at WDW on that Monday (August 2nd) between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. We started at Epcot and went through Future World briefly, and went to Canada's Pavilion & saw Marty's 360 video. Nancy proceeded to start having nausea and vomiting after it and throughout  rest of the day, even after we went to MK. Poor sis-in-law! The FL heat seriously got to her. We tried to go on rides and into stores with A/C to cool her down and she ate a few things that day.
2 days later, son and I went with the two of them to Typhoon Lagoon for our 1st water park excursion!
I almost drowned coming off the Crushing Gusher!
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