Friday, September 24, 2010

Good afternoon! I've decided to eat  lunch while posting! I've got the house to myself and the feathered babies until hubby and son come home from work and school, respectively! I left work early this morning, so that I could at least get a shower and breakfast and clean clothes on before heading to not one, but two doctors' appointments this morning. I really didn't think that it would be cool to wear my scrubs to an appointment after I got sweaty last night----definitely not cool! I was able to get to both appointments on time today, way cool!  I had a few stops on the way home for other errands as you'll see below!

A few days ago, our lovebird Shrek got one of his feet nipped by our senegal Trouble. Shrek's little foot wound kept bleeding a bit one day, and we didn't have any steptic powder around. The foot's ok now, but I didn't want to take any chances again with nothing in the house to stop a bleed from a nail or other, so I stopped at our local pet store to get a container of the powder. And the lady gave me a discount on it!

Stopped by Target, and they happened to have Halloweentown and Halloweentown II on one dvd, son had been wanting it for awhile. I had gone in hoping to buy the blu-ray/dvd combo of the latest Tinker Bell movie, since I had printed out the $10 off coupon from Disney Movie Rewards, but ended up with a rain check. The movie would have been for me, I'm such a Disney Fanatic!!

This afternoon, once son gets home from school, we'll head over to Orlando to go to one of our favorite places, IKEA!!! We're needing a few more storage units for the family room, and possibly the spare bedroom----in attempt to do some more organizing!!! I'm definitely doing fall cleaning and finally purging my stuff of things that I've moved with us throughout the years!
Maybe I'll foursquare or twitter while we're over there this evening! Who knows!

Hoping that my friends Lorie and Bill are doing ok today.... and also my friends Alesha and Doug and Isaac (hoping that the youngun's feeling better!!!)!!
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